*Miss T’s star of the day!*

Every day I nominate a special star of the day. My star of the day is always a pupil who has worked exceptionally hard, showed tremendous effort and made good progress.

I will post my stars of the day on the blog and their reason for being my star of the day so that the world can see how hard they have been working.

Our star of the day tree is looking amazing at the moment 4T! Lets continue to see it grow and blossom.

Keep on working hard,
Miss Thompson

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  1.   Miss Thompson Says:

    31st October 2011

    *My star of the day today is FAHEEMULLAH!*

    Faheemullah has been trying really hard in ICT and literacy. His writing has really progressed because he is now using paragraphs and powerful vocabulary.

    In ICT Faheemullah is always commenting on the blog.

    Well done!

    Miss T


  2.   Miss Thompson Says:

    1st November 2011

    *My star of the day today is YUSHAY*

    Yushay is my star of the day because he has impeccable manners ALL THE TIME. He has also been trying really hard with his homework each week and he has also been commenting on the blog.

    Well done Yushay and keep on being the king of manners!

    Well done

    Miss Thompson


  3.   Miss Thompson Says:

    2nd November 2011

    *My star of the day today is MEGAN*

    Megan is my star of the day because she is a kind and caring member of the class.

    Miss Thompson


  4.   Miss Thompson Says:

    3rd November 2011

    *My star of the day today is JAEWON*

    Jaewon is my star of the day because he worked exceptionally hard yesterday in all lessons and managed his distractions.

    Well done Jaewon.

    Miss Thompson


  5.   Miss Thompson Says:

    4th November 2011

    *My star of the day today is KOMAL*

    Komal is my star of the day because she has been very helpful during class time and during lunch time. Komal is new to our school and she has settled in very quickly and made lots of new friends.

    Well done Komal!

    Miss Thompson


  6.   Miss Thompson Says:

    My star of the days this week are:

    *Aleesha* for trying hard in swimming.
    *Carlos* for working independently in writing.
    *Jaewon* for managing his distractions.
    *Akshay* for consistently trying hard.
    *Shabiha* for settling into our class.


  7.   Miss Thompson Says:

    My stars of the day so far this week are Hina and Hafsah! Well done girls you have both been putting a tremendous effort into your literacy recently! Hafsah you have been picking powerful adjectives to use in your writing and Hina you have been remembering to check the punctuation pyramid!


  8.   Charleigh bmj Says:

    That is just what we do but we call it (star of the week)so we pick a super star every week.


  9.   charlie bmj Says:

    Wow star of the day, people must do really hard work. You must have some clever children. We have star of the week and we get to take home a book full of compliments from all the children.


  10.   Renee bmj Says:

    Well done star of the day. I’m star of the week too! My name is Renee. Can I ask you a quetion, what are you learning about?


    •   mohammed Says:

      In literacy we are learning about connectives like however and we are also learning about the past and the present tense.What are you doing in litercy?

      In maths we are learning measurement and I have learnt that my tiny finger`s nail is about a centemeter.What are you doing in maths?

      In science we have learning howto build a circuit out of these equipment a cell (another name for batterie),cell holder (another name for batterie holder),crocodile clip`s and materials.The crocodile clip`s can snap on your finger if you don`t hold them right.What are you doing in science?

      In p.e we are doing rolls and these are the the three we have been working on are the teddy bear roll, the dish and arch and the forward roll.What are you doing in p.e?

      In art we are doing Henry Moore picture`s of what it was like to live In horror at the blitz.What are you doing in art?

      In history we went to the Stockport Air Raid Shelters there we met a man named Mr Harold who guided us to parts of the underground.The part I liked best was when we had to stand in total darkness for 15 seconds.Mr Harold said we were 40 miles underground.What are you learning in history?

      In spanish we are learning how to say words In spanish with the help of our spanish teacher.Do you learn spanish?

      In swimming we are learning to swim at the deep end.
      Do you go swimming?


  11.   Miss Thompson Says:

    My stars of the day this week have been:

    *Sabir- for asking brilliant questions on the trip!

    *Gabriel- For being the birthday boy

    *Faheemullah- For being the birthday boy

    I wonder who will be the star of the day on Thursday and Friday? Wait and see….!!


  12.   hafsah Says:

    In literacy we are learning how to identify the present and past tense .however we are also doing different connectives e.g adding connectives,Illustrating connectives ,time connectives.we are also doing non -chnorogical reports .

    In Maths we are doing measurements and how to read scales.we were also doing fractions the last 2 weeks .

    science is really fun .In science we are doing how to build circuits .we need to be careful we the equipments
    cause we might hurt ourselves .

    In P.E we are doing different rolls ,Teddy bear roll is the hardest one.

    we are also learning spanish from miss Peck.

    In History we are learning about the Blitz.we also went to the air raid shelters .Mr Harold said we are 40 miles under ground.

    in art we did some Henry Moore pictures .mines displayed on the board.

    we also do swimming on wednesday


  13.   hafsah Says:



  14.   Miss Thompson Says:

    Thank you Hafsah!

    *****My first stars of the day of 2012 were MOHAMMED and MEGAN!
    Mohammed has been a fantastic blogger over Christmas and Megan’s improvements in maths have been astonishing- well done you two!****


  15.   aqsa Says:

    We all work very hard and we all try our very best.


  16.   NIMRA Says:

    hi miss t we work hard to be star of the day


  17.   hafsah Says:

    you are the star of the year


  18.   luqman Says:

    well done coner you been good to me


  19.   Abigail Says:

    I can’t wait to be the star of the week!


  20.   Fatima 4t Says:

    I am so pleased that I moved two levels in maths and sience!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


  21.   Kitso Says:

    I am going to miss Plymouth grove when I am leaving to go to South Africa, GoodBye Plymouth Grove


  22.   Kitso Says:

    I’ll allways remember you


  23.   Abigail Says:

    I have been the star of the day 3 times!!!


  24.   Abigail Says:

    I like being the Star Of The Day!!!!!!!!!!


  25.   Aaliya Says:

    WHO’s star of the day this week. I think rawan she has selteld in 4T.


  26.   Samina Says:

    Thanks Miss Thompson for picking me star of the day tomorrow THANKS………………..Your the BEST TEACHER EVERRRRRRRRRRR.


  27.   Abigail Says:

    Who is our Star Of The Day Tomorrow!!!!!!!


  28.   mujtaba Says:

    miss who do u think that star of the day should be


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