Meet Team Thompson

Team Thompson are a fantastic class and would like to tell the world all about themselves!

Hello my name is Miss Thompson! Welcome to our class blog! I am a year 4 teacher at Plymouth Grove Primary School and I love teaching. I would now like to introduce to you my class: Team Thompson!


Amy: Hi my name is Amy i am 9 years old my favourit subject is art my best frend is Aqsa. My school is good and
Miss Thompson helps me a lot.


Aqsa: Hello I’m Aqsa,I’m a kind,helpful girl and I like to enjoy myself.My faivourite subject is art.I’m a good friend and I love to help everybody in my class.


Hafsah:Hi my name is Hafsah and my favourite subject is maths .I am polite and helpful.I have a lot of friends too. I am a good friend as well. I like art too.


Mohammed:Hello I am Mohammed I love tennis and reading.My favourite subject is maths.My favourite animal is a cat. My favourite game is pokemon.


Megan:Hello my name is Megan I am a girl. My favourite subject is history and art. I am a really kind girl. My favourite tv show is the simpsons.


Faheemullah:Hello my favourite subject at school is sports.I like writing and literacy aswell.My favourite game is driver 76 and my favourite tv program is 4 o’clock club.And I also like computers a lot.When I grow up I want to be a computer engineer.


Jaewon:Hello my name is Jaewon and I am a boy.My favourite subject is maths.I am very smart,my favourite game is launch pad and my favourite tv program is adventure time and regular show.


Joel: Hello my name is Joel and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am quite clever and I am in Rhombus maths group with my best friend Akshay. I am in Lions group in 4T. We go swimming on a Wednesday morning and do Mental Maths when we come back ,I can also play the guitar.


Akshay:Hello my name is Akshay. I am 9 years old. My best friend is Joel, and we have been best friends since nursrey. I can play the piano. I like playing on phones. I am really good at maths and I am in the Rhombos group with Joel.


Atiya:Hello I am Atiya I have a big home and I have pet  bird. I enjoy art and writing stories.


Komal: hello my name is Komal and I am in 4T. I am a polite girl and like to help by doing jobs for my teacher. I like learning English and I like to read.


Shabiha:  Hello my name is Shabiha and I turned nine last week. I love to write and my favourite subject is literacy.


Carlos: Hello my name is Carlos. My favourite subject is maths and I enjoy writing in my day book. I also like it when we do drama in class. I like to play football at play time.


Gabriel: Hello my name is Gabriel and I am from Portugal.  I love to play football and enjoy going swimming with my class. My favourite subject is maths and I like data handling.


Amir:Hello my name is Amir.I am good at football and maths.My best friends are Haron,Husan and Faheemullah.My favourite game is pokemon black and white.My family is from somalia.


Haron:Hello my name is Haron.I am good at swimming and football is my favourite sport as well.My family is from Libya but i live in Manchester.


Sabir:Hello my name is Sabir my best freind is Mohammed.My favorite subject is maths and my favorite game is pokemon.I’m from Somalia but i live in Manchester.My favorite animal is a praying mantis.


Husan:My name is Husan I have nice and funny freinds called  Haron,Amir & Faheemullah I like playing rugby and cricket I’m from Pakistan.


Nimra:My name is nimra I have friends called Elise,nadia,hina and aleesha .My favourite pet is a hamster and a rabbit .My best friend is elise .And my best teacher is miss Thompson.


Elise:My name is Elise I like literacy. And my best friends are Nimra,Hina,Nadia and Aleesha.My favourite teacher is Miss Thompson and my favourite animal is a flamingo.


Nadia: Hi my name is Nadia and I have the best friends ever called Nimra,Elise,Hina and Aleesha.My teacher,Miss Thompson is the best and she is the kindest.My favorite  animals are Kittens,Puppies,Cats and Bunnies.I  have  a very nice class.Everyone is friendly  and  kind. I enjoy writing.


Amr: Hello  my  name is  Amr   but  my favourite  game  is  cricket  and  basketball and  my  favourite   animals are cat  and  dog.


Thamer: Hello my name is Thamer and I speak english and arabic. I love being in 4T especially maths and PSHE.I also like playing times table champion.


Yushay:  Hello my name is Yushay and my favourite subject is maths I  enjoy going swimming  and doing PE  my  favourite game is on the laptop and it is club penguin I have lots of friends called Husan, Haron, Amir, Carlos, Jaewon.







34 Responses to “Meet Team Thompson”

  1.   hafsah Says:

    lets start Quadblogging


  2.   amy smethurst Says:

    hi my name is Amy i am 9 yearas old my favourit subject
    is art my best frend is aqsa my school is good
    miss thompson helps me a lot


  3.   aqsa Says:

    We all work very hard in 4t as a class and we all help each other.


  4.   hafsah Says:



  5.   Francesca and Harriet Says:

    It looks like class 4 is very nice and helpful acording to the page all about your class.We think your persnalities are very enthuseastic.


  6.   haron Says:

    yes we started qoadblogging


  7.   haron Says:

    I love QOADBLOGGING a lot


  8.   hafsah Says:

    I like QUADBLOGGING because we get to know new people


  9.   yushay Says:

    quad blogging is fun


  10.   Amr Says:

    hello my name is Amr but i like football crickcet
    and my teacher is very nice.


  11.   Atiya Says:

    Hello do you like our funny boons from atiya


  12.   Amr Says:

    hello my name is Amr but in my class we be doing maths litrecy handwriteing and i like my teacher and i like my class and my teacher to and today we had a barty and Iam sow happy but Carlos his harry botter Gapriel his a ninja and i like to read


  13.   aqsa Says:

    We all are friendly and we all like to help each other alot.


  14.   Carlos Says:

    Hello, my name is Carlos. I am 8 years old. I have a best friend, his name is Moses and he is in 4m. Today I dress up as a Harry Potter character. I really love it. I like my school because I have the most beautiful teacher in the world. I also have Mrs Wong as my teacher and she is very nice to me. Bye bye for now. See you guys. Thank you for reading my message. Carlos


  15.   Miss Thompson Says:

    Atiya- check your spellings please! Funny bones 🙂


  16.   Aleesha Says:

    I like choclate ice creem


  17.   aqsa Says:

    We all help each other alot in 4t and we all work together as a team.


  18.   thamer Says:

    my name is thamer nad i like to play foot ballwith my frend.


  19.   thamer Says:

    my name is thamer and i like to play footb ball and
    i like to play cricit.


  20.   haron Says:

    hi my name is haron and am 10 year old am from Libya my best sport is foot ball, crikit and basket ball.


  21.   thamer Says:

    Easter EGGS.


  22.   yushay Says:

    miss thompson now i am doing sauidarabi in my homeworkproject


  23.   Mohammed Says:

    Hi Yushay what part of the world is Sauidarabi in?


  24.   luqman Says:

    GO!team thompson’s


  25.   Safiya Says:

    Hello my name is Safiya and i like to laugh.


  26.   Abigail Says:

    Hello my name is Abigail and I like to help people!


  27.   Aaliya Says:

    i cant wait to go swimming on wenesday


  28.   Waad Says:

    Safiya all you do is laugh


  29.   Abigail Says:

    I really like Akshay’s and Joel’s comment’s, because they are good friends and they both spoke about each other!!!!!!


  30.   Aaliya Says:

    hello year 5 you were in 4t yes\no


  31.   Abigail Says:

    Well, my name is Abigail and I like being a FANTASTIC school councilor with the other group!!!


  32.   SIMON Says:



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