Dance club: Jungle book!

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Dear dance club,
Please find below the music you need for ‘I wanna be like you’ This is the version we will be using in the production.
Miss T

5 Responses to “Dance club: Jungle book!”

  1.   fisal Says:

    hi miss Thompson I cant wait for sport city it is going to be the best and I think in the boys race Liam is going to win. And in the girls its going to be Rosa but eney way I m still going to be confident to have a try


    this guy has got a trophy for the longest jump
    this is a guy how


  2.   Abigail Says:

    Miss Thompson I just did some yogor right now


  3.   Samina Says:

    The jungle book was great iloved it


  4.   Simon Says:

    Miss I saw all of the song in the jungle book and I will remember it.


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