Sunflower update

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A huge well done to SAMINA who is currently in the lead in the sunflower race. I have re-potted your flower into a bigger pot so it can grow even taller!

In second place is Nakaya, followed by Safiya in third place.

Well done 4T and I hope you are enjoying the holiday.

Miss T

10 Responses to “Sunflower update”

  1.   Nakaya Says:

    Hi Miss Thompson I can’t belive my

    Sunflower is in second place for
    Sunflower Race!


  2.   Fisal Says:

    miss Thompson how about my sun flower is it growing or not can you check it please will be waiting for your answer….And congratulation SAMINA to you and congratulations to every one for working hard on your sun flowers and miss Thompson will be proud of every one. And miss Thompson I am powered up and i m so happy that it is school time 123 HURRAY.:]:]:]:]:]


  3.   mujtaba Says:

    Well done the 3 of you, then u must have planted your seed very well.


  4.   naila Says:

    Hi,4t i hope that u ARE having a great time beause i am.I would love to tell you everithing, but i think that i will save it for show-tell,but for now i will give you a sneeck-peek(i went to london).And a well-done to the sunflower champion.


  5.   Safiya Ali Says:

    thanks i cant believe my sunflower has made it in 3rd place and i am so proud of my sunflower #proud


  6.   Abigail Says:

    A big well done to Samina for her biggest sunflower!!!!@-}–


  7.   Abigail Says:

    Miss Thompson please can I do an accelerated reader quiz?????


  8.   Samina Says:

    Thanks guys for all those comments yous are all the best and I can’t belive that my sunflower is the tallest


  9.   Fisal Says:

    miss Thompson you shod be prude of all of 4t our sunflowers are growing i am so prude of samina she is in the lead hurray.


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